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How are data stored in a .gz format?

Gz format was created as an open source alternative to other compression formats, first released in 1992 with the zlib library as its reference implementation. Owing to its permissive licence, it has become one of the most widespread compression algorithms over the years, used for example as part of the HTTP protocol or in the .png file format. It is faster and easier to use than formats like 7zip, bz2 or xz, but its compression ratio is worse. Newer compression formats like zstd have both better compression ratio and better performance than .gz, but they are not used in common protocols.

You can define template methods in .cpp files without explicit instantiation, as long as they are private

For years I’ve been programming in C++ with the belief that the bodies of template methods had to be in headers. Only recently I learned that splitting template methods between header and source is, in fact, often perfectly fine.
Cloud Server

Setting up a VPS for several small e-commerce businesses (part 1)

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to set up a few websites, both static and dynamically generated. A few years ago, I’ve settled on Wordpress as my default choice, initially simply building up sites from themes and plugins, until I bit the bullet and started adding my own snippets of PHP and later building a full, albeit simple, custom theme. This series will hopefully prove to you that setting up a web server, mail server and other neat services is not as hard as you might assume and you can even serve several small businesses using a reasonably priced VPS. In this initial article, we’ll deal with initial setup of our Ubuntu 20.04 server and turning it into a nice little LEMP server. I am expecting you to know at least the bare minimum about terminal, ssh and how to install packages in Debian-based distributions. You should also already own a domain and know how to set up A-records.