About us

We are just (currently) two guys from Slovakia who occasionally have some random experiences (we believe are) worth sharing. We are not offering any services except picking items dropped by clumsy people and giving it back to them.

The intended goal of this blog is to be a small repository of more or less useful knowledge so that we can trace back our steps in case of eventual screw-ups, share interesting technical tidbits, review distributions and interesting projects, etc.

Michal Kohútek

I’m a CompSci student from Trencin, Slovakia, that is currently working towards a doctorate degree at my Alma Mater in Nitra, Slovakia. I speak English quite well, French somewhat and I can order a beer in several other languages. As a passionate user of Ubuntu and converter of many source infidels, I attend conferences, give talks and try to do my part in the good fight. Apart from my studies, this and several other websites, my friend and I are starting an audiocast about audiocasts called PodCrawl. You can check it out here.

As for my contribution to this blog, eventually, I would like to extend it to contain my experiences from various GNU/Linux-related tech conferences, meetups, etc. I am quite opinionated on many topics, so there’s a decent chance I will post a view, that does not correspond to your world-view. If you want to have a constructive talk, feel free to contact me via social media, email or carrier pidgeon. If you want to post hurtful, mean and otherwise stupid comments, please write them down on a piece of parchment, sign and stick them up your arse.

Ján Dugáček