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  • Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 Review

    Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 Review

    This review is one of the longest in the making ever since starting this blog. I’ve been using Ubuntu Budgie on my desktop workstation even before I’ve installed Xubuntu 19.04 on my main laptop for it’s review. From day one, I kinda liked it, making in my eyes a ton more sense than Gnome Shell…

  • Xubuntu 19.04

    Xubuntu 19.04

    If there is a desktop environment that I always somehow evaded, it’s XFCE. I’ve always thought that I had my DEs well categorized – Unity was awesome, but misunderstood and limited to Ubuntu, Gnome 2 / MATE was/is featureful, but it’s widgets and applets crash constantly, LXDE brought new life for computers with less than…

  • Ubuntu MATE 19.04 Review

    Ubuntu MATE 19.04 Review

    A biased review of the light-weight, yet incredibly easy to customize flavor of Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo.

  • KDE Neon (18.04) Review

    KDE Neon (18.04) Review

    My very first experience with KDE was back in the day of Ubuntu 7.10, with KDE 3. I quickly got overwhelmed by the breadth of settings, it’s modularity and default look similar to Windows platform, from which I had just escaped. It only took me a few days, before I switched back to Gnome 2…

  • ElementaryOS Juno Review

    I’ve spent a long while thinking about the right words to start off this review. It has been long time coming and you might say, it’s been coming since the first time I’ve heard about this distro. Considering all that, I decided that the best way to start would be with the eyecatching first look…